How to be Funny

How to be FUNNY!

Learn How to be Funny

Can a book really teach you how to be funny, witty and interesting? Stan Still, who has coached over 5,000 humorists in comedy workshops, written funny jokes for the biggest names in the humor industry and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and on Oprah thinks his can.

Who does not want to be funny and interesting? A person who is funny and witty not only entertains others but also himself. "A funny person is the happiest person" - Stan. He really makes an effort to teach the reader simple techniques to learn to be funny.

Learn How To Be Witty

Though some might argue that being witty is instinctive, Stan contends that by following his advice on being funny and making a serious effort to improve the wit, or even develop a sense of humor, almost anyone can learn to "be funny, witty and interesting in everyday life."

He fills his how-to with tips and homework assignments on topics like sarcastic and witty humor, using funny words and funny sounds, using wit as a sword - interesting insults, and witty storytelling. Stan asserts that a flair for comic timing can be taught, and anyone can learn to be witty.

Learn How To Be Interesting

Stan's running comedy while he teaches his witty techniques makes this funny-for-dummies interesting and easy to read. And, many of his interesting jokes and one-liners for everyday life are real pearls.

Stan does devote a good chunk of the book to explaining how to interestingly incorporate humor into various types of situations from everyday occurrences to public speaking, a situation where, unlike life, having interesting scripted jokes is a good idea. "A witty person is automatically interesting." - Stan. How true!

Learn How To Be Funny, Witty & Interesting

Thus, the author makes a concerted effort in making the reader funny, witty and interesting all at the same time. A very witty and interesting read in itself. Remember, being funny and witty is an art that can be learnt. Practice is the key.

Recommended for anyone wanting to be funny and interesting in the shortest time possible. The best and the simplest book I have read in my career as a comedian.

This is Arthur signing off. Thanks to my friend Stan for writing this interesting read. Rest assured I will see a lot more witty people around.

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